Michael Telvi has had quite an experience thanks to years of managing and leading reputable companies and projects all around the country. He talked to us recently about his tenets, visions, modus operandi, and most importantly, about the things he’s learned – and continues to learn – all through his years as an entrepreneur.

One of the more important facets of running a company, he said, is being a team player. According to Michael Telvi, nothing spells doom for a company more than assembling a host of lone wolves without knowing how to make a pack of them. 

So how do you become a team player in the office? Michael Telvi shares his answer to this age-old problem in the coming sections.

Mike Telvi’s Guide on Being a Team Player

1. It Starts With You

There is a popular saying that there’s no “I” in “team”. Well it’s true but the reason that saying is so popular it’s because sometimes as human beings we tend to prioritise our feelings and ourselves above other people. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it becomes a bad thing when this stops you from being able to consider other people’s feelings and see things from their perspective.

For instance there is a common tendency between company staff members to identify someone else as the problem, instead of themselves. 

Again this is common to all human beings. but to be a team player and to form a solid partnership in the workplace, you must be able to look at yourself and understand that it starts with you.

We’re usually too worried about other people being the weak links that we forget that sometimes the weak link could be ourselves. 

And how do you stop yourself from being the piece that breaks the whole team down? Well Michael Telvi tells us more about that below. But you must always understand that it starts with you. That is the first step.

2. You Can’t Do It Alone

A lot of CEOs have admitted in the past that there is always a susceptibility to fall prey to micromanagement. You want to handle and oversee every single step of the process alone. According to Michael Telvi, though, he has never fallen prey to this tendency. 

Of course, he’s always seized every opportunity to get familiar with what’s going on everywhere, but in the end, he’s always ceded attention where he had to. One too many times, you’ll see workers get arrested by the compulsion to go at it alone; a feeling fueled by the belief that you can do all things, and that you can do it better than anyone.

Well, Mike Telvi lets us know that not only is this false, it can be extremely dangerous to your goal of fostering that teamwork and team spirit that goes a long way in determining whether or not a company achieves long-term success.

3. Trust is Essential

Mike Telvi believes that the tendency for workers to want to go at things alone is not necessarily dependent on the fact that they think they can. Usually, according to Michael, it is because, sometimes, they think no else can. 

And how do you overcome this barrier? By trusting your partners of course. By trusting the people you work with and understanding that everyone, no matter the hierarchy, has something unique that they bring to the table. Once you understand this simple fact, you’re not only able to carry out your job with more efficiency, you also make others around you better.

Everyone has their insecurities. Once you see that your superiors and your coworkers trust you, though, you start to overcome these insecurities and do your job even better than ever.

Sadly, as simple as this solution seems on the surface, it is much harder to implement. Michael Telvi believes it is not impossible. Yes it is hard, but not impossible by any means.

All you have to do as a leader is ensure that everyone understands the value of trust, and most importantly that they trust the system; your system; your leadership and your recruitment. Once these parts of the process comes into shape, everything else will likely follow.

4. Leaders Have to Work as a Team Too

Michael Telvi began his business career from a very humble beginning. Written off by many as not capable of any worthwhile achievement, he worked in spite of this. He seized his opportunities and right now he’s at the summit of a couple major establishments in the country.

According to Mike Telvi, though, one must never let his achievements overshadow the team spirit. It is far too easy to get caught up in the things you’ve done; so much so that you start belittle others. 

For your workers to operate as a team, you have to lead by example, which means you have to let them know that you’re willing to defer, to listen, and most importantly that you hold yourself accountable.

Once your associates see these in you; and understand that you’re willing to come down from your pedestal, and do anything it takes to get the job done however the situation may require, they start to trust you, and each other, more.

This is one of the major steps of building a great team spirit in the place of work

5. Defining Roles

Mike Telvi’s final advice on how to be a team player in the office is to have a highly defined role, and ensure that you, and every other person in the establishment, know their role.

We could talk all day about how “team work” means the ability to work together. Truth is, though, that to truly work together as whole, everyone must work differently. That is, everybody must have his own, and her own, defined role that they can play to the fullest without interruption.

It is easier to form a great team spirit this way, by having everyone express their full potential in their areas of specializations, rather than having a clash of heads thanks to too many people trying to do the same things at the same time.

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