Support for an Alcohol Free Lifestyle in a Booze-Fueled Society

“[The bottom line] is, protect the heart with [a] low amount of alcohol, but increase the risk of cardiovascular disease with high amount of alcohol,” Dasgupta said. On the other hand, if you drink in moderation, alcohol doesn’t affect LDL and instead increases good cholesterol (HDL). “When it’s metabolized by this different pathway, it produces lots of free radicals which is known to oxidize bad cholesterol (LDL), and when the LDL is oxidized, it deposits on the carotid arteries forming [blockage],” said Dasgupta. “The benefits can vary from person to person depending on how much of a change from their baseline behavior this is,” Dr. Rekha B. Kumar, medical director of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, told Healthline.

Really, you know, because I was not a gray area drinker, I was, you know, like we talked about before, you know, I was drinking, I was bringing vodka to class, I was drinking and driving, I was getting arrested. You know, I was getting hospitalized, like, there was really no chill. And so, you know, even though I didn’t lose anything, the thing was, at the time, I didn’t have anything to lose, right?

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Whichever way you choose, this podcast will give you the process to succeed. Alcohol-Free Lifestyle is for high performers, including entrepreneurs, executives, investors, athletes, and top professionals. Living a life without alcohol may seem daunting at first, but there are many benefits to living a sober life. Some of the benefits include better sleep, improved energy levels, reduced stress levels and weight loss. There are many social benefits to being alcohol-free. One of the most obvious is that you no longer have to worry about drinking in order to have a good time at social events.

In severe cases of withdrawal when symptoms are not treated, a person may experience generalized tonic-clonic seizures, delirium tremens, and even death. In each episode Casey will share the tried and true secrets of how to drink less and live more. Her next book, a romantic comedy titled The alcohol free lifestyle Whisky Year, will be published in the spring of 2023. Non-alcoholic beverage sales increased 33 percent to $331 million in the US, between November 2020 and November 2021, according to data from Nielsen. Rzadkowolska says that number is forecasted to reach the billions in the coming years.

Easier to Concentrate, Better Mental Wellbeing

Plus, alcohol impairs your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients from foods. Lastly, unhealthy alcohol use often goes hand in hand with unhealthy eating, loss of appetite, or disrupted mealtimes. When I was drinking, greasy hangover food was a staple. I looked bloated in my “before” pictures. Cutting out alcohol improved my physical fitness, and my diet.

Because the liver is a tolerant organ, he said positive changes can occur within weeks of going dry. Cirrhosis of the liver (liver disease) can occur over time in those who drink excessively. Or I’m just going to have water like, I used to go to my husband’s like gala events. And it would be like, like, Oh, I don’t drink.

YOU are the Only Reason You Need to Go Alcohol-Free

And as a part of my like OCD and my perfectionism, and that’s manifested because I’ve spent Now sprained my foot twice. And so, you know, the thought behind Well, I’m not an alcoholic anymore, or I don’t use alcohol, that’s no longer my drug of choice kind of switched over, right? So now, I over exercise and use it in a maladaptive way. And I had to kind of back up and think like, Okay, so what’s going on in my life, that even though I’m not picking up a drink, I’m doing something else that’s harming me.

The sober curious Meetup helped her gain confidence in her decision to forgo alcohol, she said. Today she can turn down drinks with ease and dance sober at weddings. She has nondrinking friends she can text if she wants to go see a movie or hang out and watch TV.

And we talk a lot about those benefits weekly. So we’d like to tell you, you know, what, Week One benefit, what’s weak two, three, and so on. And it’s really, you know, it’s not just about, oh, I’m saving money, or I’m losing weight, it’s about, you know, how is your liver functioning doing better? Which is your, your body’s biggest organ? Are you more hydrated, yes, like, there’s so many benefits to just even taking a break from alcohol? You know, um, even if you know, you know, I’m not, I’m not interested in being sober long term, your body can really benefit and really rejuvenate a lot.

  • We hope to develop a community conversation that enables inclusive choices at every bar, store or restaurant to empower personal choice, for whatever the reason.
  • Let’s have some REAL talk from one midlife gal to another.
  • Try replacing alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks, such as water, juice or soda.

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