Support for an Alcohol Free Lifestyle in a Booze-Fueled Society

“[The bottom line] is, protect the heart with [a] low amount of alcohol, but increase the risk of cardiovascular disease with high amount of alcohol,” Dasgupta said. On the other hand, if you drink in moderation, alcohol doesn’t affect LDL and instead increases good cholesterol (HDL). “When it’s metabolized by this different pathway, it produces lots of free radicals which is known to oxidize bad cholesterol (LDL), and when the LDL is oxidized, it deposits on the carotid arteries forming [blockage],” said Dasgupta. “The benefits can vary from person to person depending on how much of a change from their baseline behavior this is,” Dr. Rekha B. Kumar, medical director of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, told Healthline.

Really, you know, because I was not a gray area drinker, I was, you know, like we talked about before, you know, I was drinking, I was bringing vodka to class, I was drinking and driving, I was getting arrested. You know, I was getting hospitalized, like, there was really no chill. And so, you know, even though I didn’t lose anything, the thing was, at the time, I didn’t have anything to lose, right?

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Whichever way you choose, this podcast will give you the process to succeed. Alcohol-Free Lifestyle is for high performers, including entrepreneurs, executives, investors, athletes, and top professionals. Living a life without alcohol may seem daunting at first, but there are many benefits to living a sober life. Some of the benefits include better sleep, improved energy levels, reduced stress levels and weight loss. There are many social benefits to being alcohol-free. One of the most obvious is that you no longer have to worry about drinking in order to have a good time at social events.

In severe cases of withdrawal when symptoms are not treated, a person may experience generalized tonic-clonic seizures, delirium tremens, and even death. In each episode Casey will share the tried and true secrets of how to drink less and live more. Her next book, a romantic comedy titled The alcohol free lifestyle Whisky Year, will be published in the spring of 2023. Non-alcoholic beverage sales increased 33 percent to $331 million in the US, between November 2020 and November 2021, according to data from Nielsen. Rzadkowolska says that number is forecasted to reach the billions in the coming years.

Easier to Concentrate, Better Mental Wellbeing

Plus, alcohol impairs your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients from foods. Lastly, unhealthy alcohol use often goes hand in hand with unhealthy eating, loss of appetite, or disrupted mealtimes. When I was drinking, greasy hangover food was a staple. I looked bloated in my “before” pictures. Cutting out alcohol improved my physical fitness, and my diet.

Because the liver is a tolerant organ, he said positive changes can occur within weeks of going dry. Cirrhosis of the liver (liver disease) can occur over time in those who drink excessively. Or I’m just going to have water like, I used to go to my husband’s like gala events. And it would be like, like, Oh, I don’t drink.

YOU are the Only Reason You Need to Go Alcohol-Free

And as a part of my like OCD and my perfectionism, and that’s manifested because I’ve spent Now sprained my foot twice. And so, you know, the thought behind Well, I’m not an alcoholic anymore, or I don’t use alcohol, that’s no longer my drug of choice kind of switched over, right? So now, I over exercise and use it in a maladaptive way. And I had to kind of back up and think like, Okay, so what’s going on in my life, that even though I’m not picking up a drink, I’m doing something else that’s harming me.

The sober curious Meetup helped her gain confidence in her decision to forgo alcohol, she said. Today she can turn down drinks with ease and dance sober at weddings. She has nondrinking friends she can text if she wants to go see a movie or hang out and watch TV.

And we talk a lot about those benefits weekly. So we’d like to tell you, you know, what, Week One benefit, what’s weak two, three, and so on. And it’s really, you know, it’s not just about, oh, I’m saving money, or I’m losing weight, it’s about, you know, how is your liver functioning doing better? Which is your, your body’s biggest organ? Are you more hydrated, yes, like, there’s so many benefits to just even taking a break from alcohol? You know, um, even if you know, you know, I’m not, I’m not interested in being sober long term, your body can really benefit and really rejuvenate a lot.

  • We hope to develop a community conversation that enables inclusive choices at every bar, store or restaurant to empower personal choice, for whatever the reason.
  • Let’s have some REAL talk from one midlife gal to another.
  • Try replacing alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks, such as water, juice or soda.

Thank you for listening to this episode of The Hello Someday Podcast. If you’re interested in learning more about me or the work I do or accessing free resources and guides to help you build a life you love without alcohol, please visit And I would be so grateful if you would take a few minutes to rate and review this podcast so that more women can find it and join the conversation about drinking less and living more.

How Crypto ATMs are Ushering in the Next Phase from Mike Telvi

Mike Telvi has been a bitcoin enthusiast before the term was popular. He has witnessed all the phases of Bitcoin, which he calls important steps towards worldwide adoption – the destination at which every avid bitcoin enthusiast hopes to arrive sooner than later.

For Mike Telvi, it is a question of when, not if. Gradually, he says, we will arrive at the promised land. Before that, however, we must arrive at important key points in the process.

For him, the arrival of Bitcoin ATMs and the ease which they provide for smooth transactions, is one of these important points.

Crypto ATMs have a huge role to play in getting to the rapid adoption rate that all Bitcoin enthusiasts dream of, and below Michael Telvi provides a detailed analysis as to how and why this is so.

Crypto ATMs

Before any technology can take a huge stride into wide adoption, it must inevitably fulfil lots of key criteria, the most important of which, according to Michael Telvi, is solving a key problem.

As we all know, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fulfill this criteria to the fullest extent. Not only do they solve a key problem, they solve a lot of key problems. Permissionless transactions, secure transactions, alternative to inflation, among others.

But, there is also no denying, that before cryptocurrencies can be universally accepted, there remain aspects that they need to work on; problems, so to speak, that they themselves must fix, before they seek to fix other problems in our lives.

Mike Telvi explains further below:

The Problem

As remarkable as cryptocurrencies are, there’s no denying that there’s a major problem that still serves as a hinderance to widespread adoption, and that is the ease of making transactions with them.

To the regular user who isn’t a cryptocurrency enthusiast, figuring out how to make use of Bitcoin on peer to peer exchange platforms might be something of a headache. We all love new technologies like Bitcoin with real value purposes, but not everyone’s willing to go through the process of figuring out how they work.

Luckily, though, with Bitcoin ATM there is a much more viable alternative that doesn’t require figuring out how peer to peer exchange platforms work or trying to ascertain how secure they are.

The Solution

One of the reasons Bitcoin ATMs are such a great contribution to the cryptocurrency world, says Michael Telvi, is the fact that they are, well, conventional.

As well as we all recognize that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have the capacity to revolutionize the world and change the way we look at money and exchanges in general, there is no denying that there’s still a need to incorporate a little bit of conventionality to the mix.

Sure, things must change, but Mike Telvi believes that people aren’t as welcoming to change as we might think. And that is why the need arises to add a little bit of conventionality to novel technologies like Bitcoin and blockchain.

Mike Telvi believes that in Bitcoin ATMs, people can finally see something associated with Bitcoin that they are already familiar with. Everybody knows ATMs, and everybody, to a large extent, has come to regard them as safe and secure, and of course easy to use.

These are all factors that Mike Telvi believes people don’t necessarily associate with Bitcoin, thanks to some bad experiences in the past, but that people have to start associating with all cryptos if we’re ever going to achieve widespread adoption.

Other Advantages of Bitcoin ATMs

Apart from being a tool of conventionality to add a little piece of familiarity to the disruptive technology that is bitcoin, crypto ATMs have a lot more advantages to offer.

Below Mike Telvi takes us through some of the most important of these, and gives reasons why they are paramount to ensuring Bitcoin and other cryptos achieve their full potential in the near future.

1. Fast and Efficient

Bitcoin and crypto ATMs execute purchase and sales request almost instantaneously. This is in stark contrast to situations where users would normally have to wait for hours to have their transactions processed thanks to congested networks.

According to Michael Telvi, having such a drastic increase in execution time is quite valuable in reaching more people and convincing them of the efficiency of carrying out transactions with cryptocurrencies instead of conventional modes of exchange.

2. Comfortable

Using ATMs is a quite comfortable and convenient way of buying and selling. A lot of people already know this, and once they see that this convenient mode is also available when it comes to cryptocurrencies, Mike Telvi believes there’s automatically a layer of hesitation removed.

Nobody wants to go through a world of stress to perform operations when there’s a more convenient alternative. Thankfully Bitcoin ATMs offer this convenience eliminating the need to look elsewhere.

3. Safe

As insinuated earlier, there have been far too many cases of theft and hacking lately on online exchange and peer to peer platforms. Numerous users have lost their crypto assets, and perhaps in the process, they’ve lost their trust for cryptocurrencies entirely.

With Bitcoin ATMs, though, there is no susceptibility to hacking or any malicious threat. This safety, Mike Telvi believes, is absolutely paramount for the development of cryptocurrencies.

4. No Internet Necessity

To make use of Bitcoin ATMs, there is no need for you to have internet connection. This accessibility and convenience is another reason why Bitcoin ATMs are absolutely important.

5. Privacy

One of the most appealing advantages of doing transactions with cryptocurrencies in general is the fact that they are perceived to be more discreet and more private than doing transactions with traditional currencies.

Thanks to certain government regulations, though, online platforms are getting more and more pressurized into collecting user data before they can carry out transactions on their platforms.

With bitcoin ATMs, however, users don’t have to supply any form of identification or submit their data in order to successfully buy or sell a significant amount of cryptocurrency.

How to Be a Team Player In the Office

Michael Telvi has had quite an experience thanks to years of managing and leading reputable companies and projects all around the country. He talked to us recently about his tenets, visions, modus operandi, and most importantly, about the things he’s learned – and continues to learn – all through his years as an entrepreneur.

One of the more important facets of running a company, he said, is being a team player. According to Michael Telvi, nothing spells doom for a company more than assembling a host of lone wolves without knowing how to make a pack of them. 

So how do you become a team player in the office? Michael Telvi shares his answer to this age-old problem in the coming sections.

Mike Telvi’s Guide on Being a Team Player

1. It Starts With You

There is a popular saying that there’s no “I” in “team”. Well it’s true but the reason that saying is so popular it’s because sometimes as human beings we tend to prioritise our feelings and ourselves above other people. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it becomes a bad thing when this stops you from being able to consider other people’s feelings and see things from their perspective.

For instance there is a common tendency between company staff members to identify someone else as the problem, instead of themselves. 

Again this is common to all human beings. but to be a team player and to form a solid partnership in the workplace, you must be able to look at yourself and understand that it starts with you.

We’re usually too worried about other people being the weak links that we forget that sometimes the weak link could be ourselves. 

And how do you stop yourself from being the piece that breaks the whole team down? Well Michael Telvi tells us more about that below. But you must always understand that it starts with you. That is the first step.

2. You Can’t Do It Alone

A lot of CEOs have admitted in the past that there is always a susceptibility to fall prey to micromanagement. You want to handle and oversee every single step of the process alone. According to Michael Telvi, though, he has never fallen prey to this tendency. 

Of course, he’s always seized every opportunity to get familiar with what’s going on everywhere, but in the end, he’s always ceded attention where he had to. One too many times, you’ll see workers get arrested by the compulsion to go at it alone; a feeling fueled by the belief that you can do all things, and that you can do it better than anyone.

Well, Mike Telvi lets us know that not only is this false, it can be extremely dangerous to your goal of fostering that teamwork and team spirit that goes a long way in determining whether or not a company achieves long-term success.

3. Trust is Essential

Mike Telvi believes that the tendency for workers to want to go at things alone is not necessarily dependent on the fact that they think they can. Usually, according to Michael, it is because, sometimes, they think no else can. 

And how do you overcome this barrier? By trusting your partners of course. By trusting the people you work with and understanding that everyone, no matter the hierarchy, has something unique that they bring to the table. Once you understand this simple fact, you’re not only able to carry out your job with more efficiency, you also make others around you better.

Everyone has their insecurities. Once you see that your superiors and your coworkers trust you, though, you start to overcome these insecurities and do your job even better than ever.

Sadly, as simple as this solution seems on the surface, it is much harder to implement. Michael Telvi believes it is not impossible. Yes it is hard, but not impossible by any means.

All you have to do as a leader is ensure that everyone understands the value of trust, and most importantly that they trust the system; your system; your leadership and your recruitment. Once these parts of the process comes into shape, everything else will likely follow.

4. Leaders Have to Work as a Team Too

Michael Telvi began his business career from a very humble beginning. Written off by many as not capable of any worthwhile achievement, he worked in spite of this. He seized his opportunities and right now he’s at the summit of a couple major establishments in the country.

According to Mike Telvi, though, one must never let his achievements overshadow the team spirit. It is far too easy to get caught up in the things you’ve done; so much so that you start belittle others. 

For your workers to operate as a team, you have to lead by example, which means you have to let them know that you’re willing to defer, to listen, and most importantly that you hold yourself accountable.

Once your associates see these in you; and understand that you’re willing to come down from your pedestal, and do anything it takes to get the job done however the situation may require, they start to trust you, and each other, more.

This is one of the major steps of building a great team spirit in the place of work

5. Defining Roles

Mike Telvi’s final advice on how to be a team player in the office is to have a highly defined role, and ensure that you, and every other person in the establishment, know their role.

We could talk all day about how “team work” means the ability to work together. Truth is, though, that to truly work together as whole, everyone must work differently. That is, everybody must have his own, and her own, defined role that they can play to the fullest without interruption.

It is easier to form a great team spirit this way, by having everyone express their full potential in their areas of specializations, rather than having a clash of heads thanks to too many people trying to do the same things at the same time.

Halloween Will look very different Throughout the pandemic

Halloween, a holiday that brings Americans together within a shared love for costumes and candy, will seem very different throughout the pandemic.

As households reevaluate Halloween customs, companies that normally rely on Halloween for earnings are shuffling to accommodate.

Here is what Halloween will seem similar to this season.

To improve sales and keep customers interested,this year’s Halloween trainings include placing Halloween-specific packaging fewer treats, focusing on family-sized packs and expanding the purchasing season.

He added that customers will continue to search for candies for reasons which don’t consist of trick-or-treating: as an instance, candies earnings improved in April, at the beginning of the pandemic, suggesting that”individuals are seeing candy as relaxation” while they’re staying in the home and social bookmarking.
Seasonal series Spirit Halloween, that is famous for its extensive costume collection, is ready for quite a unconventional Halloween. The business is changing its approach throughout the pandemic, becoming creative by providing new ways to observe and supplying contactless Instacart delivery for Halloween costume buying.

“Children are still eager for Halloween. Parents do not want to neglect them especially after a difficult year of getting faculty from home,” Steinberg said. “Whether they are trick-or-treating, there’s still a motive for them to dress up as their favourite character.” Instead, the CDC proposed”one-way trick-or-treating,” which entails dropping off separately wrapped goodie bags in friends and neighbors’ homes.

In addition, several businesses — such as Party City, Hershey, Shoprite, Spirit Halloween and the National Retail Federation and Unicef — awakened to make, a site which maps out the way to trick-or-treat safely in each county in the USA.
Spirit Halloween recommended contactless trick-or-treating (although they do not sell candies ), socially remote costume parades, graveyard scavenger hunts and digital ghost storytelling.

To store or not to store
Online shopping has taken over throughout the pandemic, and curbside pickup — that reduces human contact — has grown into among the greatest shopping tendencies of 2020. Lowe’s is probably using the occasion as an chance to help keep shoppers coming into their own shops. The initiative makes it possible for customers to partake in curbside pickup for things they purchased from the shop while concurrently engaging in curbside trick-or-treating.

Party City has changed its approach, also. “Party City has written the playbook on virtual at-home and drive-by parties,” company CEO Brad Weston informed CNN Business, including that the firm developed virtual celebration kits, incremental manuals and checklists to make it simpler to organize Halloween parties through the pandemic.

The celebration provider is focusing more about internet sales and in-store pickup, curbside pickup and same-day delivery solutions. In 2019, the firm needed 256 Halloween pop-up stores across the nation, and this season, the business is going to have just 25 Halloween pop-up stores in the USA.
Spirit Halloween, nevertheless, which has turned into a Halloween staple for most, opened 1,360 places nationally a year ago, and this season increased the amount to 1,400.

Facebook limited Hunter Biden press release after being warned by the FBI of ‘hack and leak’ operations says Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg advised Congress that Facebook throttled the spread of a New York Post article earlier this month following a warning against law enforcement to be on”heightened alert” about”hack and flow surgeries” in the last weeks prior to the 2020 election.

In addition, he stated he had no evidence that this article was the job of Russian election hindrance.

He made the comments during questioning from lawmakers at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing Zuckerberg testified Wednesday along with Google’s Sundar Pichai and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

“Among those dangers that the FBI has alerted our organization and the people to was the potential for a hack and escape operation in the weeks or days leading up to this election,” Zuckerberg said.

Alerts in public opinions and personal meetings from law enforcement”indicated we’re on high sensitivity and alert when a trove of files seemed that we ought to see that using suspicion that it may be a portion of an international manipulation effort,” he explained.

Critics accused Facebook and Twitter of interfering at the 2020 election by restricting the spread of this article which mentioned unverified emails which were allegedly detected by Trump’s allies. Michael Telvi hasn’t managed to validate the authenticity of the emails.

In that time Facebook told Michael Telvi it restricted the spread of this New York Post post when waiting for this to become fact-checked. Twitter prevents users from linking from the URL to the report and out of sending it privately messages. Dorsey afterwards said Twitter was wrong to obstruct the report.

Business is booming for America’s tech giants.

  1. Amazon is king

The cardboard boxes and delivery trucks have been an early indication – and today we have got more evidence: Amazon has been among the biggest winners in the pandemic.

The increase was driven by its e-commerce company in North America, as households increasingly turned into online shopping. However, the organization’s marketing and cloud computing firm also saw considerable gains.

The growth hasn’t come without price.


That is up 15 percent from September a year ago – but just a 3% increase in June, when individuals stuck-at-home turned into social websites, creating a flood of action.

The business cautioned that the amount of Facebook users declined in the united states and Canada – its most lucrative market – and informed investors that they expected the trend to continue.

Twitter reported a similar story, asserting 187 million each day active users at the July-September quarter, up only 1 million in the previous period.

  1. The dip in consumers does not Appear to be deterring advertisers, nevertheless

Amid the shutdowns before this season, many companies cut advertising spending. The movement led earnings to slow Facebook and pushed Alphabet, the parent firm of Google and YouTube, to its very first year-on-year decrease in quarterly earnings since becoming a publicly-listed firm in 2004.

But spending from these companies has returned.

The rise assisted gains leap an eye-popping 59% year-on-year to over $11bn, sending the company’s shares up over 6 percent in after-hours trading.

Twitter also saw earnings rise 14 percent, while in Facebook it jumped 22% and the company said it anticipated that expansion to accelerate.

  1. The following iPhone better be large

But stocks in the company dropped in after-hours trading anyhow, as investors digested a greater than 20% fall in iPhone earnings.

The strike has been particularly evident in Apple’s Greater China area – in which it generally generates about 20 percent of its earnings and sales fell nearly 30%.

Apple expressed optimism that buyers were only holding out because of its most recent mobile, which went on the market after than in prior decades.

  1. They observed that the achievement – but can others?

As is typical, negotiations from the firms focused on earnings and profits – rather than the controversies swirling around them calls for tougher regulation gain traction in america and elsewhere.

In its ready remarks, Facebook stood with its short nod to the matter, warning of”headwinds… in the evolving regulatory arena”.

However, the firms’ financial success is only going to make them a target for complaints,” cautioned Paolo Pescatore, analyst in PP Foresight.

“There’ll be additional calls from rivals to control tech businesses.”